Discover Waterloo

Positively Waterloo!
Originally known as "Prairie Rapids Crossing," the City of Waterloo has grown into a thriving community, rich in agricultural development, engineering and cultural diversity. We have a lot to offer our citizens and visitors-unique dining experiences, museums, art galleries, our own symphony, our own hockey and baseball teams, a playhouse and annual city-wide festivals.

Naturally, we are proud of the businesses we have in Waterloo and the jobs we provide. Home to businesses like John Deere, Tyson Foods, ConAgra Grocer Products, Ryder Integrated Logistics and GMAC, Waterloo's business community attracts some of the brightest graduates across the nation.

There are a lot of reasons to live, learn, work and play here. With a population of 68,747, we are able to offer some of the sophistications of big city living, but as a smaller Midwestern town, we still enjoy ourselves at the Cattle Congress, where livestock animals are put to the test and eager pie bakers vie for first place blue ribbons.

We are a city that strives to take care of its people. Whether you are looking for a place to start a family, start a business, or maybe you just want to have fun, Waterloo has it all. In Waterloo, we're working for you.

The City of Waterloo . . . we're working for you!