Team Member of The Year 2016 Officer Dustin Lindaman

Officer Dustin Lindaman is the Central Middle School Resource Officer and has been with the city since August 23, 2004. Officer Lindaman’s dedication to serving the public is illustrated every moment as a School Resource Officer who is constantly in the hallways, seeking to build positive relationships with students. He encourages students to do their best, even making “deals” with some of our challenging students, buying them lunch if they do well for their teachers. He welcomes parents and families into Central, helping them feel safe and supported. This dedication to Central is felt by families, students and staff. Officer Lindaman has an amazing work ethic and is always willing to help Central, and other schools, in any capacity. His careful eye for safety and security has kept us safe many times. He makes suggestions to the administrative team about safety as well as building positive relationships with the WPF and WCSD to provide a great working relationship for our students and families. He is always willing to support extra functions after school, including parent nights, celebrations and athletics. he maintains a positive attitude regardless of the day and situation. Central has had several very tough and critical situations in the past year; officer Lindaman was able to assess those situations, determine appropriate supports and orchestrate the necessary steps to keep students and staff supported and safe. His calm demeanor and efficient leadership ensure the correct steps are taken. above all, officer Lindaman’s professional and confidential approach is maintained with the highest of integrity.