April: Brandon Hodgin

aprilbrandonhodginBrandon Hodgin is a traffic signal technician and has been with the city since December 15, 2010.
Brandon is an excellent team player. In addition to carrying out his own duties, he always and readily helps others when needed, without hesitation, in his department and throughout the City. His likable manner matches his work ethic and makes the work environment a pleasant one. besides technician duties, Brandon has the work of lo-cating traffic signal underground utilities. Locating is very demand-ing during busy times of the year and he prioritizes and manages lo-cate requests and handles all the emergency requests. He has created a database of all the locate requests as they come in, using maps and marking the underground facilities on the map. This is a great help now and will be a great help to anyone needing locate information in the future. Brandon is punctual, completes jobs on time and is al-ways ready to give a helping hand to other groups within the de-partment. with his very busy schedule he still keeps up with training to learn more and more about the constantly changing and ad-vancing field of traffic signal technologies. he effectively carries out assigned duties even when it is in a new area of expertise. He asks questions to make sure he is finding the best solution to new situa-tions. Brandon’s relentless devotion to make every task a successful one is above and beyond routine work attitude.