February 2017: Joyce Craft

Joyce Craft is A Secretary for the building inspections Department and has been with the City since October 24, 1989. Joyce always has a “can do” attitude towards her work, always completing tasks in a timely manner and taking on additional work when needed. From time sheets to contractor information, she is a “go to” person when questions need answered in the office. She maintains a wide range of knowledge of all facets of the building department and takes the initiative to solve issues that others may have. With all the staff shortages that the department has faced in recent years, Joyce has continuously stepped up to make sure that the department runs smoothly and has always been ready to help with new employees and summer interns. Her excellent customer service skills and dedication to the citizens goes above and beyond; she is always willing to assist with any concern expressed to her on the phone or at city hall. Joyce is one of those employees who makes the time to create friendships and a sense of community with her coworkers. She helps to give the City of Waterloo a great image.