March 2017 Doug Anderson

Doug Anderson is a clerk in the clerks’ office and has been with the city since June 30, 2008. Doug is always looking on the brighter side of things. He helps to maintain department morale by putting a positive spin on everything. Bottom line: he is a team player who looks after the welfare of others. He keeps everybody smiling and that is a big part of why the clerks’ office works so well. Doug is an excellent public servant and demonstrates it by frequently taking extra steps to serve those who visit the counter at city hall. He puts forth that extra effort to help members of our community by taking care to explain procedure or details to someone at the counter or when walking someone to their destination in city hall to ensure they reach the appropriate department. Doug is always seeing that citizens are made to feel welcome here. He is a tremendous asset to the City of Waterloo and we are better because of employees like him.