May 2017 Team Member of the Month Todd Moudry

Todd Moudry is an Engineer with the Fire Department and has been with the city since August 9, 2002.Todd Moudry
Here is what his nominator had to say:
“I am coming up on three years with the Waterloo Fire Rescue Department and I have to say that Todd has been both a great mentor and friend since day one. I can remember many times when I struggled with concepts or practices of the job (learning streets, operating apparatus, fire ground operations) but Todd was able to put things into perspective and demonstrate not only how but why we operate in the manner we do. There are so many times when Todd has shown true teamwork. From station maintenance to cleaning and putting an apparatus back into service after a call, Todd never needs to be asked to help. When he sees someone working he is always there ready to help. His work ethic has been an example, not only for me but for everyone around him. I could work through a long list of things that Todd has done but the fact of the matter is that Todd is not just a great employee; he is a great person. He work wells with the public and is an excellent advocate for all City employees and has earned this recognition.”