Zoning Map

The Official Zoning Map for the City of Waterloo is on file at the Planning and Zoning Office. Download a PDF copy of the Waterloo Zoning Map.

The Zoning Map is also available as a layer on the “Real Estate Mapping” website. Click on the link to enter the website and follow the directions below to view the Zoning layer (check with the Planning and Zoning Office for any updates or changes):

To view the zoning information on the map: 
Zoning information is optional at a viewable scale. Either locate the parcel by using one of the “locate parcels by” functions or use the Map Tool button, with a magnifying glass and the plus sign is used to Zoom In to an area on the map. Select Zoning once it is included in the “Layers” list and click the "Refresh Map" button. You may need to use the scroll bar to view all of the available layers.

To view information about the specific zoning district of a parcel:
In Map Tools, the button with the <style="color: #cc0000;"="">red letter "Z" is the Zoning button. As the zoning information is displayed, select this button and click inside the area for which you would like the zoning information. Once this button has been clicked, the function will redisplay the map with the area selected, centered and highlighted. A summary report is also presented. The summary report denotes what district or “zone” the property is within and includes contact information as well as a link to the Zoning Ordinance. The date that map data was provided to the county and a disclaimer are also part of the summary report. Use the scroll bar to view all of the available information.