WGAT Program Descriptions

The following is a list of programs shown at various times on the Waterloo Government Access Channel 15 or 74-2.

American Democracy Television
The American Democracy Television network provides quality, timely and flexible video programs that public, education and government channels, public access stations, statewide networkds and others can use to engage citizens with their representative government.

Board of Adjustments Meeting
WGAT broadcasts the Board of Adjustment meetings LIVE the fourthTuesday of every month.  The Commission meets to hear those aggrieved by the conditions of the City Zoning Ordinance, or those petitioning the board to modify regulations and restrictions as applied to property.

To view meetings online, click here.

Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors
The weekly meeting of the Black Hawk County Supervisors takes place every Tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m. in the Black Hawk County Courthouse and is replayed on WGAT.

Cedar Falls City Council Meeting
The Cedar Falls City Council Meeting airs on WGAT during the first and third weeks of every month.
To view meetings online, click here.

Evansdale City Council Meeting
The Cedar Falls City Council Meeting airs on WGAT during the first and third weeks of every month.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Videos produced by FEMA designed to help keep the public safe in times of disaster. Topics range from hurricane safety to flooding to terrorists attacks.

Heart for the City
Mayor Quentin Hart's perspective on Waterloo, Iowa.  This includes updates from city departments, local organizations, and upcoming events.  This show is recorded twice a month and is replayed during the weekend.

To watch the most recent episode click here.
Or you can go here to find all the Heart for the City episodes.

Hoover Library Series
This show spotlights the past and present exhibits on display at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Museum in West Branch, IA.

NASA Connect
NASA Connect is a series of integrated mathematics, science, and technology instructional distance learning programs for students in grades 6-8.  Their website also provides interactive web activity to further help viewers apply what they have learned from each program. 

NASA Destination Tomorrow
Destination Tomorrow is an Emmy award-winning series of educational programs that focus on NASA research--past, present, and future--and is designed for lifelong learners.  The series gives the audience an inside look at NASA and demostrates how research and technology relates to our everyday lives.

NASA Sci/Why Files
Sci/Why Files is an annual series of Emmy award-winning instructional programs.  Emphasizing research and standards-based instruction, problem-based learning, and scientific enquiry, the series seeks to motivate students in grades 3-5 to become critical thinkers and active problem solvers.  Each program supports the national mathematics, science, and technology standards.

Veterans Affairs Television
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) produced television is a great way to bring information of interest directly to veterans in their homes.

Presented in a talk-show format, our health program include fast moving segments revolving around the episode's theme, such as "Medical History Window on Time", "The Healing Corner", and "Panel Discussions by VA Experts".  Panel expters include physicians and researchers who are working on cutting-edge treatments and research for illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension, conditions that effect millions.

Waterloo City Council Meetings
Participate in your local government by folowing the city council's discussions on policies and issues for the City of Waterloo.  The meetings are broadcast LIVE every Monday on WGAT Channel 15 or 79.2 and replayed at various times during the week.

To view meetings online, click here.

Waterloo Planning, Programming & Zoning Commission Meeting
WGAT broadcasts the monthly Planning, Programming & Zoning Commission Meetings LIVE the first Tuesday of every month.  The Commission meets to discuss zoning and other policies and procedures connected with city planning and development.

To view meetings online, click here.