Waterloo Youth Council

Waterloo Youth City Council

To explore, communicate, and provide for the needs, problems, issues, and activities affecting
Waterloo's youth.

The Waterloo Youth City Council is made up of members from all four high schools in Waterloo. The Youth City Council empowers young people to think critically, debate civilly, and forge consensus on the most critical issues facing our city. Following in the footsteps of other successful youth city council programs the Waterloo Youth City Council seeks to harness the passion and idealism of our youth today in order to create a better future tomorrow.

Want to know more?

Executive Director: Ms. Luce at cluce051774@gmail.com
Assistant Director: Ms. Zondo at zondoe@waterlooschools.org
Columbus Catholic High Advisor: Mrs. Wolfensperger twolfensperger@cvcatholic.org
Waterloo East High Advisor: Mr. Gross grossk1@waterlooschools.org
Waterloo Expo Alternative High School Advisor: Mr. Gross grossk1@waterlooschools.org
Waterloo West High School Advisor: Ms. Alsaihati at alsaihatik@waterlooschools.org

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