CVDAT- Cedar Valley Diversity Appreciation Team

“What You Permit, You Promote”

Why and When Created
In its February 1997 monthly meeting, the Human Rights Commission established an Education and Outreach Committee. This committee was charged with the responsibility of organizing a forum that would allow community citizens to discuss tough, highly emotional race relations and diversity issues. In April of that year, they held a community forum at West High School. About fifty people attended this meeting and, by consensus, agreed to call this effort “The Cedar Valley Diversity Appreciation Team” (CVDAT).

While working with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, who were promoting community diversity appreciation teams in Iowa, the CVDAT Steering Committee began meeting over the next several months to consider several options on dialogue forums and methods of dealing with community problem solving. The Human Rights Commission and the CVDAT Steering Committee agreed to use the community based discussion program called Study Circles.

CVDAT Purpose Statement
The Cedar Valley Diversity Appreciation Team (CVDAT) is a community based collaboration of area residents, representing all walks of life, working together to develop and implement a community plan to improve race relations, to appreciate diversity, to fight discrimination, and to prevent hate crimes. We believe a broad range of community stake holders, through dialogue and deliberation, can create the kind of inclusive communities and neighborhoods that are the best possible place to live, work, do business, play, and raise our families.

Contact Information
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